Cake Care

Once collected, you assume responsibility for the correct care of your cake. Please read below for cake care instructions to keep your cake in peak condition until your special celebration!

Storage instructions
Please keep your cake in the fridge. You can bring your cake to room temperature for approx 1 hours before serving – this will be when it tastes at its most delicious!

Once at your event venue (particularly for weddings) please ensure that the cake is not placed in direct sunlight or very near any large speakers that cause vibrations which could damage the cake.

Transporting your cake
When transporting your cake, use the packaging provided by Colehill Kitchen to protect the cake, and transport it on a flat surface for example the footwell of your car, or the boot of your car (not the seat). Keep your car cool, drive carefully and take corners slowly!

Please remember not to put the heating on in your car and to keep it as cool as possible during transportation!